Abrasive Blasting in Perth

What is Abrasive Blasting?

Abrasive blasting is a technique used to prepare and clean a surface. This is completed by using a high-pressure spray of steam onto a dirty damaged surface. This technique not only cleans the area but also smooths or roughens the surface, can shape the surface and remove any unwanted foreign matter.

How BUSS uses Abrasive Blasting

BUSS utilises the abrasive blasting technique for the preparation of steel and other materials for a new coating. It is also used to remove corrosion deposits and previously applied coatings, as well as a finishing process. Furthermore, it can be used to apply a non-slip surface to walkways and high foot traffic areas.

BUSS use special high-pressure abrasive tools and steel grit for a superior finish, in accordance with our client specific requirements. BUSS has extensive experience in abrasive blasting and sandblasting in Perth. Our team have the facilities to accommodate items of all sizes, from structural steel items, mining equipment to smaller projects.

BUSS Abrasive Blasting and Joint Sealing Capabilities

BUSS’ joint sealing capabilities include:

– Sandblasting steel

– Sandblasting concrete

– Non-slip profiling

– Protective coating

– Acid protective coatings

BUSS and Industrial Coating Systems

BUSS compliments the preparation of abrasive blasting with the application of industrial coating systems designed to protect concrete and steel surfaces from corrosion, weathering, acid or fire. Coating systems include silicone, zinc, epoxy and polyurethanes.

About BUSS

With two decades of experience, BUSS have done numerous projects that utilise this technique and works have been executed to the highest of industry standards.

At BUSS, we approach each project and circumstance differently, as each project has different needs. Only an on-site inspection can verify the scope of work that would be applicable to the property for abrasive blasting.