PROJECT – Bayswater Train Station
Perth, Western Australia

Expansion Joint Sealing and Concrete Repair


Civcon WA


Marc Cugini


Bayswater train station is located on the Midland line, in Perth and is operated by Transperth. The Public Transport Authority (PTA) was aiming to develop and implement a Station Access Strategy for the Bayswater Train Station. The strategy involves changes that will improve access to the train station for bus users, vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians.

BUSS’s specific involvement in the Bayswater train station development he projects involved the remediation of the pedestrian underpass. All expansion joints on the newly constructed channel were carefully adhered to. This allowed for the structure to be structurally sound and accommodate movement and high traffic which was especially important due to the nature of the site.  Train activity through the station remained uninterrupted, maintaining the usual, daytime, high-volume pedestrian traffic. Managing traffic at a construction workplace is extremely important as it minimises risks to both the contractors and the public’s health and safety. Traffic management on site was carried out through careful planning and controlling both vehicle operations and pedestrian movements.

Access to the underpass was a challenge throughout the works. Due to the awkward angles and limited space, the application of expansion joint was challenging. Through utilising appropriate plant equipment, such as the use of a Snappy Mobile Scaffold – an easily adjustable and moveable scaffold – the work was able to be completed with minimal delay.

It was a pleasure working alongside Civcon on this project. Civcon specialises in delivering technically complex and challenging projects within heavily urbanised environments. BUSS is very happy to maintain our relationship with Civcon, project benefitting so that together we can meet all our client’s needs.


  • Sikalastic 11 FC is a fast curing one-component polyurethane sealant/adhesive with permanent elasticity. It demonstrates excellent adhesion on all cement-based materials, brick, ceramics, metals, wood, polyurethane and epoxy. It has a fast cure rate and high durability.


  • It was a pleasure to work on a government project with Civcon.
  • Overcoming access issues with the Snappy Scaffolding.