PROJECT – BP Baldivis Twin Travel Centres

Concrete Repair


BP & Perkins


Tiernan Byrnes


The new BP twin travel centres presented with damaged concrete in need of repairs.

BUSS was requested to resolve these issues and performed the following:

  • Over 50 concrete repairs completed
  • Concrete repair using cementitious and epoxy repair mortars
  • Stainless steel reinforcing used to stabilise concrete repairs
  • Joint sealing using High-Grade, High-Strength sealant
  • No interruption to travel centre operations
  • All concrete repairs were undertaken in high traffic flow areas using BUSS traffic management system
  • All concrete repairs are completely waterproof 


  • All concrete repair executed with no injuries or incidents
  • Safe use of BUSS traffic management system
  • Existing cracked and damaged concrete repaired with high strength reinforced epoxy repair mortar