Professional Concrete Repair Contractors in Perth

Concrete structures degrade over time through weathering processes, structural loads, aggressive environmental conditions, damage, pollution and poor workmanship. The result of this degrading can present as “concrete cancer” or cracking. The negative outcome of “concrete cancer” and concrete cracking can be dramatic including failure of the asset as it becomes structurally unstable. The first signs of “concrete cancer” include rust staining from corroding steel in the concrete and spalling. Spalling is caused by reinforcement rusting and expanding as a result of contact with water, which can be a result of poor waterproofing. Rusting steel expands significantly and “pushes” the concrete off the steel at this location. This exposed steel is then allowed more atmospheric exposure which corrodes further and the cyclical damage process continues. If left untreated this will allow the “cancer” to spread, which may lead to costly, lengthy and intrusive repairs in addition to the risk that concrete may fall off the structure and have the potential to cause serious injury to persons and/or property.

BUSS offer qualified concrete repair services Australia wide

BUSS are qualified and experienced in the proper and professional concrete repair technique that is critical to returning a building or asset to safe operating performance. Some form of structural repairs are required for all concrete structures over time. If evidence of cracking, drummy concrete, rust staining or concrete cancer is present then immediate repair becomes a necessity as further deterioration increases the likelihood of damage. If left un-abated then failure of the structure becomes an increasingly likely result.

BUSS are able to assist you with all your concrete repair requirements – Australia wide!

A variety of modified cementitious repair materials have been developed to accent the different forms of repair methods ranging from hand patching to pumpable mixes for large repairs. BUSS are able to assist clients in diagnosing the cause, developing a scope, selection of materials and repair methodology to ensure delivery of a satisfactory desired end product.

BUSS are available to assist you with all your concrete repair requirements resulting in superior lifespan of your assets.

BUSS Concrete Repair capabilities include: