Expert Facade Remediation Perth

All buildings undergo damage due to the effects of time, weathering, aggressive environmental conditions and pollution. Facade remediation is the term used to restore assets to their original condition. Modern techniques allow almost any building component such as masonry, steel or concrete to be remediated instead of replaced resulting in consistency of appearance to the aesthetic of the structure.
Facade refurbishments require professionalism and detail in the execution of the works. Further, the works need to be undertaken safely and with minimal disruption to the facility users.

BUSS have experience with facade repair including brick repair, crack stitching and brick pinning, specialist repointing and refacing required to remediate the facade on buildings such as hotels, offices, churches, residential properties and commercial or industrial buildings.

Industry leaders for facade remediation Perth, refurbishments and facade protection systems

BUSS also provide facade protection and maintenance systems. These systems can prevent masonry and concrete from water ingress (rain or splash water, condensate) but at the same time they guarantee that water vapour is still able to escape from the facade. That way, long term moisture damage can be avoided and the lifespan of an asset is increased.
You can rely on BUSS for the expertise and experience to correctly apply all facade and heritage systems to your assets.


BUSS facade remediation capabilities include: