BUSS are experts in joint sealing Perth

Joint Sealing is the placement of materials in joints in buildings, concrete slabs, balconies, car-parks, bathrooms, homes and structures. Joint sealing is used to create a waterproof seal and to accommodate anticipated movement in a monolithic surface or at the interface between various building elements. Construction joints are exposed to movements caused by thermal or other stress. In order to waterproof and seal construction joints correctly an elastic material is required.
Joints are designed to allow contraction and expansion, provide waterproofing, resist shrinkage, avoid random cracking and thermal cracking. When joint sealing is installed incorrectly it can develop significant issues with regards to safety, spillage containment, vibration, waterproofing, abrasion damage and chemical attack.

Specialist joint sealing for best joint performance possible

BUSS recognises that joint performance is dependent on accurate specification of a sealant capable of accommodating the ambient environmental conditions, joint movement and relevant exposure conditions. Complimenting accurate specification and product choice are careful and compliant installation protocols and techniques. Our team is experienced with all joint sealing including elastomeric sealants, structural engineering silicon, acrylic sealants, metal ducting sealants and fire rated sealants. BUSS are an industry leader in all forms of Joint Sealing, having used these techniques to successfully install many kilometres of joint work on residential, commercial and industrial sites throughout Perth and Western Australia.

BUSS Joint Sealing capabilities include: