Combiflex & Hypalon Joints Perth

Combiflex & Hypalon joints are a flexible membrane designed to span movement joints and structural cracks to seal the joint from invasive water or chemicals. Combiflex & Hypalon systems are used for construction joints, expansion joints and connection joints. Combiflex & Hypalon joints can be applied on damp substrates and the supporting epoxy adheres to concrete, iron and steel. Combiflex & Hypalon are comprised of flexible waterproofing tape of multiple widths combined with epoxy adhesives that can be used for multiple applications.

Combiflex & Hypalon provides a watertight seal with large movement capabilities in multiple directions. Combiflex & Hypalon joints can be used over long time frames and are protected by backfill through the use of a cover plate.

BUSS have been installing Hypalon joints into Perth structures for over 15 years.

BUSS are Perth’s premier Joint Sealing and Combiflex & Hypalon experts.