Waterproofing Perth – BUSS is an industry leading contractor

BUSS have experts available to assist with diagnosing the source of water leaks and correctly resolving waterproofing issues on existing structures. If you have a water leak, contact BUSS.

Waterproofing is generally a minor portion of total construction cost, however it is the most prolific cause of building complaints and remedial repairs. Waterproofing systems are critical for the protection of any building or structure. Correct waterproofing starts at the base of any structure and continues to the roof in order to ensure that the structure is protected from undesired water ingress.  Water ingress damage has a negative effect on the safety, strength and service life of any structure.

BUSS are your specialists in residential and commercial waterproofing

On new buildings, BUSS can execute professional and detailed application of all waterproofing systems. BUSS can undertake all waterproofing systems  such as liquid applied membrane, torch-on membrane, sheet membrane or a penetration coating system in accordance with specifications. BUSS can apply both positive and negative side waterproofing systems.


Call BUSS, your Commercial Waterproofing Experts

Further, BUSS can deliver clients with remedial waterproofing solutions to assets that have existing issues with water ingress.  Our experienced team can diagnose, advise and assist in determining the best waterproofing solutions. BUSS are uniquely qualified to apply all waterproofing products and installation techniques successfully.
You can rely on the BUSS for the expertise and experience to correctly apply all waterproofing systems to your assets.


BUSS waterproofing capabilities include: