Structural Strengthening

What is Carbon Fibre Structural Reinforcement?

Carbon fibre is formulated from thin, strong crystalline filaments of carbon, which can be added to existing concrete structures to increase their structural strength.  Carbon fibre structural strengthening is the most common method of structural reinforcement used throughout the concrete repair industry, due to its’ ability to address structural defects initiated by aging concrete and the environmental effects on existing concrete structures.

What is Fibre Reinforced Concrete (FRC)?

Fibre reinforced concrete (FRC) is concrete that contains short discrete fibres that are evenly distributed and randomly positioned; these fibrous materials allow for an increase in the structural integrity of the concrete.

What is the Use of Carbon Fibre Reinforced Concrete?

Carbon fibre reinforced concrete is used on existing concrete structures that require additional or improved load bearing capacity, to address structural deficits caused by aging concrete, environmental elements (i.e. corrosion), to compensate for construction or design defects, a change in building code, seismic conditions and/or to allow for modifications or removal of existing structural elements such as columns, walls or slabs.

Carbon fibre strengthening is used on buildings, tunnels and bridges as reinforcement of concrete slabs, column strengthening, pre-stressed concrete beams and structural strength enhancement.


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    When is it time to consider Structural Strengthening?

    Structural strengthening is a fundamental part of today’s concrete repair industry.  Concrete structures are more than capable of carrying loads for which they were originally designed, but enhancing or restoring the structural capacity of an existing concrete structure is crucial when certain elements are subject to added stresses or reduced structural integrity over time; which can occur for the following reasons:

    A heavy load

    Increase to load bearing due to higher live loads, installation of heavy machinery/equipment, increased wheel loads or vibrations.

    Damage to main structure

    Damage to structure caused by aging, fire damage, corrosion of the steel reinforcement or vehicle impact.

    Poor material quality

    Improvements or change in use due to limitation of deflections, a reduction of stress in the steel reinforcement and/or a reduction in crack widths.

    Structure modification

    The modification of structural systems due to the removal of walls/columns and/or openings being cut through concrete slabs.

    Design and construction errors

    To relieve stress that was generated by design or construction errors.

    Building codes & siesmic retrofitting

    Change to building codes; and siesmic retrofitting.

    What is the difference between fibre reinforced concrete (FRC) and steel reinforced concrete?

    Fibre reinforced concrete (FRC) is concrete that has been reinforced using fibrous materials, while steel reinforced concrete is concrete that has been reinforced using either wire mesh, steel rods or steel bars (rebar).

    Does it make any difference if we use carbon fibre materials instead of steel in concrete reinforcement?

    Yes, when it comes to concrete reinforcement, the use of carbon fibre materials is generally favoured over the more traditional steel reinforcement due to its strength to mass ration (up to 10 x stronger than steel), its versatility, it is resistant to corrosion and chemicals, easier to install, light weight and allows for greater flexibility in a structure.  Additionally, carbon fibre structural strengthening is a more cost-effective approach because it allows for a shorter construction period and is non-intrusive to the pre-existing services of a structure during its instalment.


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