Structural Strengthening

What is Structural Strengthening?

Once a structure starts to deteriorate or has had an alteration without the proper support, structural strengthening is required. Structural strengthening is commonly done with the use of carbon Fibre.

Carbon Fibre Structural Strengthening is necessary when a concrete structure requires an improved load bearing or in the construction of a new building. Carbon fibre strips are a versatile and strength enhancing solution, which offers performance that, is better than steel in terms of its strength to mass ratio. They are light and easily applied whilst allowing flexibility in the structure.

There are common reasons as to why structural strengthening is required and depending on the structure size, level of damage, position and materials used, repairs will vary in technique.


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When is it time to consider Structural Strengthening?

Strengthening is predominately needed once a structure is in a critical condition and poses a significant hazard to occupants. Without structural strengthening, there is a risk that the structure will cease to be able to be used depending on the level of damage.

The most common reasons why a concrete structure would require structural strengthening include:

A heavy load

A heavier load than original design is weighing down the structure causing structural integrity problems.

Damage to main structure

This is caused by the aging of construction materials, metal corrosion, impact of vehicles or potential fire damage.

Poor material quality

Poorly chosen initial materials for strengthening that have started to fail and show signs of stress or cracks.

Structure Modification

Structure modification or repairs that has led to damage to structural integrity.

Design and Construction Errors

Incorrect dimensions or inadequate reinforcement of steel installed in construction can lead to structural problems.


 Depending on the structures age, wear and tear can have an impact on the strength of a structure.

carbon fibre structural repair


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