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What is Cathodic Protection?

The corrosion of steel reinforcement, prestressed concrete and epoxy coated steel is a major contributor to the deterioration of concrete. If the corrosion is left untreated, it can lead to major repair costs or even structure replacement.  Cathodic protection is a proven solution that will increase the longevity of new and existing concrete structures by preventing and controlling the corrosion in the metals.  

For those asset owners who face rising costs and disruption to their operations due to maintenance and corrosion repairs, the use of a cathodic protection system provides them with a cost saving benefit by preserving and extending the life of their concrete structures.  Additionally, the preservation of large concrete structures such as marine piers, parking garages and bridges is a sustainable practice that offers many environmental and public benefits.

How does cathodic protection work?

Cathodic protection controls and prevents the corrosion of metal by making it the cathode of an electrochemical cell.  Cathodic protection connects the base metal that it’s intended to protect (i.e. steel) to a sacrificial metal; the sacrificial metal will corrode instead of the base metal.  This process allows for the preservation of the steel by providing a highly active metal that can act as an anode and provide free electrons, thus the active metal sacrifices its ions and prevents the less active steel from corroding.

How does cathodic protection prevent rusting/corrosion?

Cathodic protection controls the rusting/corrosion of steel reinforcements in concrete structures by:

  • Preventing the start of the corrosion process in the reinforced steel;
  • Maintaining a protective environment around the steel reinforcement; and
  • Avoiding corrosion progression in the long term, after repairs have been completed to the structural damage previously caused. 


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    Cathodic Protection Systems – What are the three types?

    There are three types of cathodic protection systems available that provide long term solutions.  While these systems are similar in that they deliver a protective current to steel reinforcement, they do have different uses and advantages.

    Galvanic Cathodic Protection System

    The galvanic cathodic protection system involves the application of a protective zinc coating to the steel to prevent rusting; the zinc will corrode instead of the encapsulated steel.  This particular system has a limited life span because the sacrificial anode which protects the metal will break down over time.

    Impressed Current Cathodic Protection System

    The impressed current cathodic protection system consists of anodes that are connected to a power source which provides a continuous flow of electricity.  This method can provide much longer protection than the galvanic system because these anodes are supplied with an unlimited power source.

    Hybrid Anode Cathodic Protection System

    The hybrid anode cathodic protection system provides an initial charge which is sufficient to stop corrosion and supply enough current to retain passivity for the remainder of a structures service life.  This system combines the power of traditional electrochemical systems to halt corrosion activity but with the ease and low maintenance requirements of the galvanic system. This system reduces the access requirements for installation and monitoring as well as eliminating the need for a permanent power supply and consequently, the associated maintenance costs.

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