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Driveways are subject to ongoing heavy loads, ongoing exposure to natural elements and heavy rainfall – all of which can damage concrete driveways. If left untreated, cracked concrete driveways will gain more cracks that might extend or increase in width, the driveway will become unstable, concrete cancer may appear (if steel reinforcement is present) and the concrete will start to break apart.


Did you know that currently concrete repairs are unregulated in WA? How do you know who to trust? Read more...

What causes concrete driveways to become damaged?

The main causes for concrete driveways to experience damage are:

Lack of mesh or steel reinforcement when the concrete is laid

Lack of mesh means that there will be a lack of binding support to the laid concrete and can lead to concrete cracking, breaking apart and problems in the future.

Lack of or insufficient compaction of the ground prior to laying concrete

Insufficient compaction could lead to cracking and deflection of the slab.

Soil Subsidence

This refers to the downward movement experienced within the driveway due to the soil beneath the concrete being unstable and consequently leading to cracking of the driveway.

Poor Quality Products

This is when the initial quality of the concrete that has been laid is of poorer quality resulting in a defective driveway.

Excess of heavy vehicles impacting on the driveway

Excessive impact of heavy machinery and/or vehicles can lead to concrete cracking and penetrations, especially if the concrete slab that has been laid is too thin or without mesh.

Expansion joints are not filled and sealed properly

Expansion joints are designed to safely allow a structure to expand and contract without impacting its integrity. Without proper application of expansion joints, structures like concrete driveways will crack.

Shrinkage Cracks

If the concrete is too wet upon its application then it can lead to shrinkage cracks. Shrinkage cracks occur due to the drying rate. The loss of moisture from the freshly laid concrete results in a lessened volume, therefore, creating shrinkage cracks.

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The type of repairs completed by the BUSS team will depend on the scope of the damage. Common repair techniques for concrete driveways include crack chase and then fill with polyurethane or epoxy, crack injection, dowel in new sections of concrete or cut out and replace the damaged area or seal the concrete to stop moisture penetrating (this is especially for driveways close to the coast where salt air is highly prevalent).

Concrete structures are continually exposed to natural and manmade elements which, over time, cause the deterioration of concrete driveways. No matter the situation, BUSS can provide a solution to maintain and rehabilitate any concrete structure. Call us on (08) 9444 1732 for more information.

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