PROJECT – Curtin University – Building 204

Waterproofing and Deck Remediation
Perth, Western Australia

The design and application of a new Sikalastic-560 waterproofing system.


Hoskins Contracting


Amaury Desjardins


BUSS was contracted to undergo a deck remediation by both designing and applying a new waterproofing system for Building 204 at Curtin University.  The 60-year decking covered a total of 206m2 and was leaking water into classrooms and damaging the electrical equipment.

The initial demolition work involved the removal of the top 40mm topping of a double layer torch on membrane and the removal of 70 mm of structural topping with a strength of 25 Megapascals (MPa). As the structural topping removal was not involved in the original scope, BUSS was able to quickly include this process within the inflexible schedule through employing after-hours night shifts.

BUSS added new overflows to the perimeter of the parapet wall to match the surrounding buildings and to optimise drainage. This new drainage design included four new flange drains to redirect water even if it was to penetrate the granolithic topping.

After the installation of the new structural topping with the specified product of 36MPa, a five-layer waterproofing system (Sikalastic-560) was applied carrying a 15-year durability warranty. The initial component of the new waterproofing system involved the priming, followed by two layers of the polyurethane membrane separated by a 120 fleece sheet. This was followed by two more layers of the polyurethane membrane as the top coat.

A polyethylene (PE) membrane was set to protect the waterproofing from the galvanised steel, the form boards and the concrete pour itself. Two different granolithic concrete pours were required for varying colours specifications. Each of these concrete slabs was required to be poured independently to prevent the topping from cracking.  A new tapered flashing was installed to suit varied heights of the new topping on the deck. With another alteration during the construction phase involving the change in access plans from stairs to a ramp feature with the installation of a customised handrail.


  • Sikalastic 560 – 15 Years Durability Warranty
  • New 36MPa Structural Topping
  • New Granolithic Topping (2 Different Pours)


  • 2500 Hours with no lost time in injuries.
  • Dynamic processes implemented throughout the construction phase.
  • Project completed within the inflexible scheduling.
  • Extra protection in place to provide protection to public.
  • Integrated cooperation and extensive organisation with ongoing trades.