PROJECT – 8-10 The Esplanade, Perth
Perth, Western Australia

Concrete Repair, Waterproofing and Hand Rail Installation


DB Commercial & Industrial


Mark Brokensha


The project at 8-10 The Esplanade spanned a total of 3 weeks of concrete repair work. It involved a series of concrete repairs across various walls on the 5th storey of the building. The works were undertaken in the same building as the Perth Museum which was on the ground floor which contributed to the building being a high trafficable area.

This project involved extensive concrete repairs due to severe concrete cancer and the remediation of the existing waterproofing membrane. With the highlight being the of installations of handrails.

The project demonstrated extensive rust of the reinforcing steel throughout the building which had resulted in severe concrete cancer. Firstly, all repairs were identified and damage was broken out. Concrete was then reinstated and damaged reinforcing steel bars were treated adding further reinforcement. To prevent any further water penetration that could potentially lead to further water damage and concrete cancer was to reapply all the existing waterproofing membrane with a new waterproofing coating on top. Repairs were undertaken on the existing handrails which were severely corroded and the installation of new bollards and balustrade were added.

The project sites height on the fifth storey of The Esplanade was a significant component of work in terms of both safety and accessibility. Safety was paramount across this project due to the risk of falling from such heights, this was another reason new handrail was installed. All contractors were required to have completed their working safely at heights qualifications, with harness point connections being critical. Further, all equipment, product and debris had to be manually walked up and down the 5 storey’s, creating a physically demanding task.


  • Parchem Renderoc HB40 – A concrete reinstatement mortar is supplied as a ready to use a blend of dry powders requiring only the site addition of clean water to produce a highly consistent, medium-weight repair mortar. It is based on Portland cement, graded aggregates, lightweight fillers and chemical additives which provide a mortar with good handling characteristics while minimising water demand. The low water requirement ensures good strength gain and long-term durability.
  • Parchem Nitoprime Zincrich Primer – Nitoprime Zincrich is the recommended anti-corrosion primer for exposed steel reinforcement for use with Renderoc concrete repair mortars. The product actively resists corrosion within the confines of the repair location and avoids the generation of incipient anodes in immediately adjacent locations. Compatible with all Renderoc mortars and fluid micro-concretes.
  • Emer-Proof Aqua-Barrier Landscape – a high-performance single component water based bituminous rubberised waterproofing membrane. Developed for the Residential & Commercial construction industry. It is solvent-free, non-flammable, and forms a highly flexible monolithic waterproofing membrane.


  • Routine concrete repair on time and budget with satisfied client.
  • Working safely at heights ticket required.
  • Installations of custom handrails and balustrades.