PROJECT – GEO Apartments, Mount Hawthorn

Crack Injection & Concrete Repair


VDM Group


Marc Cugini


GEO Apartments is a combination retail and residential 2-storey development in Mount Hawthorn, Perth.
BUSS provided a thorough diagnosis and remedial solution to an ongoing problem with concrete damage caused by water ingress. The reoccurring issue had three previous attempts to remediate from previous contractors with no success.

The structure experienced frequent water ingress from a leaking balcony, where water had penetrated underneath through its structural membrane. The excess water leads to cracking concrete, which trickled through to the underneath car park. Both water and concrete damage continually risked the integrity of the building and assets of the car park.

After diagnosis, the remediation process began with the complete removal and replacement of damaged tiles and waterproof membranes. The underlying screed was redesigned and replaced to direct water runoff correctly to the drain and prevent any chance of recurrence. All concrete components were assessed, leading to the complete replacement of any failed or broken sections, essentially removing the problem at its source. The remaining concrete was repaired. The crack injection was undertaken in seven different areas, to stop any channels for leaking water to penetrate.


  • Sika 400N


  • Residential area required stringent standards with acceptable noise limits, working hour time frames, common space areas, trafficable areas and dust management.
  • This was the 4th and final attempt to resolve issues previously undertaken through other contractors.
  • Identified and re-mediated the source of the ensuring long-term prevention.
  • Avoidable long term and large scale failure and expense.