Concrete Expansion Joint Sealant

What is Concrete Expansion Joint Sealant?

A concrete expansion joint is a continuous horizontal or vertical joint used to compensate for the expansion and/or shrinkage that occurs in the construction materials due to temperature changes,  to prevent the passage of media such as air, water, chemicals and smoke, etc, to provide thermal and sound insulation and to enhance the visual appearance of a structure. The joint is filled with an elastomeric expansion joint sealant which is soft and able to accommodate the concrete slab’s expansion and contraction and to prevent water from penetrating the joint and deteriorating the sub-base.  

Using a joint sealant to seal expansion joints and contraction joints in concrete walls and floors helps maintain the integrity of a concrete structure.  Concrete joint sealant in concrete floors protects the expansion joint from damage, such as chipping and cracking, caused by heavy equipment, moisture, rain, gravity, wind, surface tension and capillary action. 

The methods used in expansion joint seals include injection techniques, bonding, routing and caulking, installation of pre-moulded seals, or the installation of surface protection systems such as elastomeric membranes.

BUSS use the Combiflex and Hypalon Joint Sealing System which is designed for construction joints, expansion joints and connection joints or cracks.  It allows for a high or variable level of movement in one or multiple directions while retaining its watertight seal. Used in the sealing of joints and cracks for various structures including:  tunnels & culverts, basements, façade joints, swimming pools, infrastructure, and iron, steel and concrete pipes.

The benefits of using the Combiflex and Hypalon Joint Sealing System include:

  • Strong adhesion:  advanced adhesion between the tapes and the adhesives and excellent adhesion to many different substrate materials
  • Timely installation:  fast and easy to install
  • Dry/damp surfaces:  suitable for dry and damp concrete surfaces
  • Flexible:  extreme flexibility capability
  • Temperature tolerant:  performs well within a wide range of temperatures
  • Weather resistant:  weather and water resistant
  • UV resistant:  excellent UV resistance
  • Durability:  good resistance to root penetration and various type of chemicals
  • Versatile:   suitable for many situations


    Did you know that currently joint sealing repairs are unregulated in WA? How do you know who to trust? Read more...

    When are expansion joints used?

    Expansion joints are used to maintain the integrity of a structure.  They are incorporated into concrete construction, including foundations, walls, bridges, building faces, paving slabs and roofs. They permit the contraction and expansion of construction materials, absorb vibration, hold parts together and allow for soil movements due to ground settlement or earthquakes. Expansion joints are commonly used on the following:


    Bridge expansion joints allow for continuous traffic flow between structures and accommodate shrinkage, movement and variations in temperature with reinforced and prestressed concrete.


    Expansion joints provide relief from cracking due to expansion and contraction; they allow for movement caused by ground settlement and they absorb vibration.


    Used in large areas of paving, expansion joints allow each section of concrete to move independently of the others, thus preventing cracking and shrinkage.

    Expansion joint sealing


    Drawing on our experience and industry best practice, BUSS’ team have been servicing our clients in the commercial, industrial, residential, mining and resources market for more than 20 years.  Our specialist remedial team have been applying their expertise in completing condition assessments, creating action plans to remediate issues, developing repair methodologies, providing product recommendations and undertaking repairs via trusted techniques to eradicate underlying problems and renew assets to their desired state.

    Our proven track record in effective remedial solutions and quality workmanship, supported by our affiliation with leading industry organisations – Australian Institute of Waterproofing, the Australasian Concrete Repair Association and the Strata Community Association, along with our Cert III accredited applicators, offer our clients peace of mind for all their remedial needs.  Our association with these leading organisations allows us the advantage of being one of the most qualified, trusted and reputable remedial contractors in WA.

    BUSS is your ‘go to’ contractor for all your expansion joint sealant needs in Perth and the metro area, as well as regional WA.  For more information, please feel free to contact us below, or call us on 08 9444 1732.

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