Professional Fire Retardant Seals

What are Fire Retardant Seals? 

As part of the building regulations, it is necessary to comply with the Fire Safety requirements in accordance with Australian Standards. A critical part of this construction is to ensure that the sealing of electrical cabling and ducting, PVC pipes, steel and copper pipes, busbars as well as fibre optic are not a weak point in the fire prevention strategy of the facility.


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Types of fire retardant seals?

These seals are part of the design of a fire wall are there to protect a wall during a fire. There are various types of fire retardant seals.

Fire Collars

A fire collar wraps around piping within the wall.

Fire Sealant

A sealant that is used to plug the space between the pipe and its barrier.


Fire Resistant board

A board that is cut to fit around the installed wall pipe.

fire retardant seal


BUSS is experienced in the installation of fire preventative and retardant seals in accordance with Australian Standards which require a fire resistance for up to 4 hours according to AS 1530. BUSS can supply fire collars and wraps which can be customized for specific requirements.

BUSS commonly use Hilti 606 and Bostik Fireban products when installing fire retardant seals. These seals expand exponentially during a fire forming a critical and essential portion of any fire protection strategy. For more information, call us on (08) 9444 1732 or use the contact form below.

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