Cement Repairs via Panel Joint Sealing

What is Panel Joint Sealing?

The use of precast concrete panels has increased in popularity over recent years. Well detailed and constructed joints are critical in ensuring that the structural integrity of the building is maintained and that is weatherproof, compliant to fire resistance codes and has suitable acoustic performance.

Panel joint sealing is undertaken by sealing the joint type between the precast concrete cladding and the wall panels. The function of a joint between precast elements is to provide physical separation between the panel and, in conjunction with joint sealants, prevent the ingress of water and air into the building. Additionally, the joint creates a strong visual feature of architectural all design.


Did you know that currently joint sealing repairs are unregulated in WA? How do you know who to trust? Read more...

When panel joints fail?

Panel joints, a majority of the time, are done in new build construction and are only used for concrete panel installation. However, there are reasons, that a panel joint might fail, these are:


If the structure is rather old and dilapidated, then the panel joint could start to show signs of peeling away and failure.


If a structure doesn’t have the proper support installation to allow for movement, then the panel joint can fail.

Inappropriate application

If dirt remains on either side of the concrete panels before the panel joint is applied, then it has a higher risk of it not being properly sealed and penetrable.

panel joint sealing


BUSS has undertaken panel jointing on some of Perth’s most iconic buildings and for some of Perth’s most trusted construction companies. BUSS are experts in the supply and installation of all types of joint sealants tailored to specific structures. Panel joints can be found everywhere from households to more commercial buildings. For more information on our expansion joint services, call us on (08) 9444 1732 or use the contact form below.

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