PROJECT – Kings Park Road

Long-term ongoing water leaks treated with Joint Sealing and Waterproofing.
West Perth, Western Australia


Owners of 34-36 Kings Park Road


Amaury Desjardins


Centrally located and wrapped around the existing Federation Queen Anne Heritage buildings, there are 70 unit apartments overlooking the beautiful Kings Park. BUSS had been contracted to resolve long-term ongoing water leaks that were coming through to the car park.

Upon BUSS’ first visit to the site, it was apparent that there were many potential causes for the leaks. After conducting our water isolation test, we were able to determine that the majority of the water ingress was caused from the balconies above, due to the poor existing sealant. The perimeter and joints between the limestone pavers of the balconies were not sealed with the right product.

With sufficient falls towards the drain, BUSS chose to cut and remove existing failed silicone along the perimeter and replace with the right product (poly sealant). This kept the existing finish and also offered the cheapest alternative for the client. The sealer will act as a barrier against terminal weather and water.

Once all the perimeter and joints were sealed properly, BUSS applied the first layer of sealer over the treated areas and waited for it to dry. Then, we applied the second layer of penetrative sealer on the same day.

BUSS also used a high-pressure wash on the balconies to remove all stains, dust, and any contaminant components from the surface to apply the sealer.


  • Sika Pro is a fast curing one-component polyurethane sealant with permanent elasticity. Ideal for sealing joints in concrete, epoxy, stone and quarry tiled floors.
  • Crommelin Penetrative Sealer is a highly water-repellent sealing treatment that goes deeps into surfaces and eliminates the passage of moisture or a leak.


  • Spray on application.
  • Project completed with no incidents.
  • Dealing with various tenants.