Leak Detection in Perth

What does that mean?

When it comes to leak detection, BUSS employs a range of techniques and services. It is important to understand that, although a leak may be present in one location, water can travel a significant distance, making it unclear where the original source of the leak is.

As such, there can be a large number of possibilities for the cause and location of a leak. It could be stemming from a window, pool area, underground carpark or failed waterproofing membranes. Anywhere there is a possible build-up of water or a poor application of a waterproofed area, it carries the risk of water leakage and consequently, concrete and property damage.

BUSS Leak Detection – how we can help you.

During an initial phone consultation about your leak, the BUSS technician will ask pertinent questions regarding the source of the leak allowing the elimination of plumbing issues. Questions such as, “is the leak only occurring when it is raining?” The reason for this is that if the leak appears without it raining, more often than not, this will be caused by an internal plumbing issue and you will require a plumber to treat your leak.

Following the BUSS initial technician’s discussion, if the leak is apparent only when raining, then most likely, you will require waterproofing services. Once it is clear that our services are required, we will need to arrange an on-site visit to establish the type of property and area that requires waterproofing.

Examples of Common Leaks

Ceiling Damage and Leak Detection

When detected that there is a leak coming through the ceiling, we will ask you if your ceiling is suspended. A suspended ceiling refers to the space between the ceiling and the floor directly above. With a suspended ceiling, water can travel along and begin leaking into a secondary area. Which confuses many of our customers, as the location of the leak may not be the actual original source.

With a suspended ceiling, leak detection is often simpler, as our team can gain access to the space between the two floors and track the leak to the original source. With a non-suspended ceiling, the process can be more challenging.

For a non-suspended ceiling leak detection, we initially need to grind the paint back to assess where the leak is coming from. The necessary waterproofing and repairs will be dependent on the accessibility to the leaking area (access could be from either below or above the source).

Planter Boxes and Leak Detection

In a residential apartment block and also commercial properties, there are often communal gardens or courtyards where planter boxes have been installed on various floors. When a planter box is leaking, it is often not noticeable until raining and saturation occurs.

It is also clear when a planter box is the cause of a leak (sometimes it could be leaking through a ceiling depending on their location) as the leaking water is often a different colour due to the soil/water combination. This does vary on a case by case basis.

About BUSS

BUSS is affiliated with the Australian Institute of Waterproofing and have repaired thousands of leaks around the Perth area to high standards, ensuring that your leak is properly repaired and in a timely manner.

At BUSS, we approach each project and circumstance differently as waterproofing needs are never universally the same. Only an on-site inspection and Isolated Water Testing can verify the scope of work that would be applicable to the property for leak detection.