PROJECT – Mount Claremont Primary School

Concrete Repair Project
Mount Claremont, Perth, Western Australia


Programmed on behalf of the Department of Education


Tiernan Byrnes


BUSS was engaged to undertake ‘make safe’ remedial concrete repairs to the walkway areas at Mount Claremont Primary School. The school presented with damaged and unsafe walkways in 10 locations that needed immediate repair to prevent ongoing slips, trips and fall hazards. These important remedial maintenance works allowed the high traffic walkway areas to remain safe and operational during the school year. It was essential for school operations that the repairs were all undertaken during the school break. All BUSS staff were required to have police clearances to work at the school.

The majority of the work involved concrete repair to spalled concrete, cracked concrete, damaged walkways and stairs. A BUSS specialist applicator commenced work by saw cutting around the perimeter of each defect, ensuring a clean and neat finish. Next, the team used a pneumatic breaker to remove all the loose concrete. All the exposed reinforcing steel was cleaned and protected with anti-corrosion paint. BUSS then reinstated using a high-quality repair mortar product of form and pour technique. The area was smoothed to ensure the finished surfaces matched the existing surfaces prior to the application of the non-slip paint. The final surface was consistent in finish and was returned to safe operational use for the start of the next school term.


  • Parchem HB 40
  • Parchem LA 55
  • Parchem Seal and Flex


  • Concrete repair executed without interruptions to school operations.
  • Existing cracked and damaged concrete was repaired with the high strength reinforced repair mortar.
  • Aesthetically and physically consistent repairs ensured the area remained risk-free from slips, trips and falls for students and staff.