PROJECT – 418 Murray Street

Carbon Fibre Structural Strengthening

418 Murray Street, Perth


Construct 360


Seaton Cugini


In the heart of Perth city sit an apartment block on Murray Street. BUSS was asked to quote for structural strengthening of the balconies. All 18 floors needed reinforcement.

The cause of the multiple and extensive balcony damage was pinpointed to poor initial engineering. BUSS worked in stages so not to interfere with other contractors also on site for other works.

BUSS marked out the cuts that needed to be made to the initial balconies that were available to begin works. The cuts were then completed using a twin bladed saw and then the section between the two cuts was jackhammered out.

BUSS team then mixed the epoxy and filled in the cut. A carbon fibre rod was then installed to complete the reinforcement. The epoxy was then applied to the top and smoothed out.

BUSS managed to reinforce the balconies and with little disturbance to other contractors on site and residents.


  • Sika dur 330: product selected as it is easy to distinguish needed ratios and generates a smooth finish.


  • Little disturbance with residents
  • Worked well with other businesses site.