PROJECT – Fire Training Facility, Perth Airport

Heat Resistant Concrete Repair


Bayside Australia


Amaury Desjardins


This project involved the remediation and repair of the concrete slab used for fire training at Perth Airport.

The concrete repair was specifically customised and designed by an engineer to withstand extremely high temperatures. BUSS removed all damaged concrete and installed the new, high specification concrete. The concrete was made onsite with strict mixing ratios carried out to meet mortar strength requirements, withstanding heat up to 1200°C.

The repair process involved the fresh concrete to be quickly trowelled onto the primed surface, paying particular attention to filling reinforcing bars. The new application was made flush with surrounding concrete adhering to stringent safety standards and eliminating all previous tripping hazards. The remaining joint sealing was undertaken with heat resistant ceramic rope and fire rated joint sealant.


  • Bostik Fireban


  • Installation of Customised Fire Rated Products and Concrete
  • Work Completed within Strict Time Frames to Accommodate Firefighter Training Schedules