PROJECT – Perth Arena Construction

External Alucabond Cladding, Concrete Repair, Waterproofing and Joint Sealing

New Build Construction


BGC Construction


Marc Cugini


Perth Arena is recognised as one of Western Australia’s most significant landmarks, home of live entertainment, music and sport. It has been described as Australia’s finest venue, with a capacity of over 15,000. The facility includes the finest engineering and construction excellence throughout its diverse features, breathtaking design and leading technology.

The international award-winning structure is a composite steel and concrete frame, with the car park inclusive of a 25000m² concrete raft. The striking angular facade exists as a design and constructs component, consisting of 2mm profiled sheet rain skin. The execution and angular nature of the design required the external Alucabond waterproofing work to demonstrate perfect precision due to its unforgiving surface type and nature of reflection.

The sealing of all joint panels was inclusive of various shapes, sizes and angles specific to architect design. In order to carry out such specific requirements, the majority of work was carried out through abseiling rigs, due to its multiple non-vertical surface angles. This technique requires extensive skill and intensive safety precautions.

The floors were either Kimberley granite or gloss epoxy coatings with some polished concrete flooring backstage. The structure and finishes that were involved in this project are described as the most complex ever constructed in WA, and most likely in Australia.

The majority of constructive work undertaken by BUSS was outside, conditional on the weather and other environmental factors. These external factors proved to be extremely influential in terms of concrete, waterproofing and abseiling work.




  • Extensive High Skill Abseiling Work with High-Risk Safety Specifications
  • 6 Month Project during Construction Phase
  • Significant Landmark Construction in West Australia History