PROJECT – 49 Phillimore Street, Fremantle

Concrete Repair and Facade Remediation
Perth, Western Australia

Concrete repairs needed after the identification of loose and unstable concrete.


ICS Australia Building Services Group on behalf of the City of Fremantle 


Tiernan Byrnes


BUSS was engaged by ICS Australia on behalf of the City of Fremantle to undertake specialist concrete repairs to the facade of the historic building at 49 Phillimore Street in Fremantle.

A safety breakout was immediately undertaken to remove all loose concrete, with all works conducted through the use of scaffolding and an elevated work platform.

Initially, all the degraded concrete areas were broken out. Once removed it became apparent that the existing historical structure was originally constructed using a lightweight concrete that incorporated the use of coal “clinker” to reduce the weight. In conjunction with the client and the engineering team, BUSS reviewed the methodology and made appropriate amendments. These adjustments allowed the reinstatement and repairs to continue with a cementitious concrete repair mortar with galvanised reinforcement and stainless steel heli-tie fixings into the substrate to ensure the steel reinforcing was suitably protected. These repairs will guarantee years of structural integrity.


  • Helical 316 grade stainless steel wire wall tie reinforcement.
  • Hilti Hit-500
  • HB40 and HB70


  • Engineer designed system to key new repairs into existing substrate.
  • Works that generated noise and vibration was performed outside of school hours to minimise the impact on day-to-day activities.
  • Repairs were executed using elevated work platforms.