PROJECT – 30 Preston Street, Como

Concrete Repairs,  Joint Sealing and Waterproofing.
Como, Western Australia


Owners of 30 Preston Street, Como


Mark Brokensha


Among the beautiful streets of Como, there is a block of apartments on Preston Street that needed some remedial concrete works.

This block of apartments required their walkways and stair landings to have a non-slip coating, concrete repairs to the balustrading and repair so that they were all properly waterproofed, ensuring that there was no risk of a potential accident.

BUSS arrived on site to ensure that all these requirements were met and fixed accordingly. The most critical aspects of the project were fixing the steps running from the stair landing that was all spalled and suffering from concrete cancer. A common problem that the BUSS team have encountered over the years.

BUSS first arrived on site and began preparing the surfaces for a non-slip coating. This was done by removing the original damaged coating first. BUSS then proceeded to remove all concrete cancer areas, treat rusted metal and remove existing control joints.

To treat the rusted damaged metal, BUSS stripped it back and gave it an extensive clean, plus adding a zinc rich primer for further protection. Then, once the existing control joints were removed, BUSS added new control joints via joint sealing, this is to ensure that the concrete won’t crack again.  Once all completed, a new non-slip sealant was added. These steps were repeated for all three stair landings and walkways.

These problems were tackled with little disturbance to residents and completed on time.


  • Solely Parchem products on concrete repairs (including zinc coating)
  • Tredgrip, made by AI coatings


  • The job was done on time
  • The job completed with no disturbance to residents
  • Balconies were accessed by scaffolding, no resident access needed.