21 Queens Road

Internal Remediation Works

Salt Property Group (on behalf of the Council of Owners)

21 Queens Road, Mount Pleasant

Image 1 21 Queens Road apartment complex


Located approximately 800 metres from the Swan River, this apartment complex in Mount Pleasant comprises 15 residential units.

In July 2020, Salt Property Group, on behalf of the Council of Owners, awarded BUSS the contract to complete the necessary remediation works to the 15 residential units. The works comprised of the following scope:

  • Protection of existing surfaces;
  • Removal and disposal of cracked plaster;
  • Cleaning of surfaces once cracked plaster removed;
  • Replacement of cracked flexible joins to balcony soffits;
  • Repairs to hard wall plaster internals and balcony;
  • Painting to newly plastered areas;
  • Replacement of flexible joints to cracked tile junctions;
  • Installation of new aluminium trim to window frames, as required;
  • Removal and replacement of cracked wall tiles;
  • Installation of stainless-steel crack stabilising rods; and
  • Replacement of cracked silicone junctions to wet areas.
Image 1 21 Queens Road apartment complex

Fig 1: 21 Queens Road apartment complex

Image 2 Internal wall crack

Fig 2: Internal wall crack



Nathan Tan

  • Significant planning and stakeholder management was required to ensure minimal disruption to tenants, owners and strata; and
  • The works were successfully completed within budget and on schedule.


21 Queens Road,
Mount Pleasant

21 Queens Road, Mt Pleasant


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