92 Barrack Street

Heritage Balustrade Repairs

Lease Equity

92 Barrack Street, Perth

Image 1. 92 Barrack St upper floor balustrade


92 Barrack Street is located in the heart of Perth CBD, between Hay Street and Murray Street. It is a beautifully restored heritage building, housing commercial and retail premises.

In March 2020, Lease Equity contracted BUSS Group to complete remedial repairs to the buildings concrete balustrade to the front façade of the roof top. The balustrade was exhibiting signs of deterioration, due to corrosion, in the form of cracks and spalling.

BUSS utilised a specialised freestanding scaffolding system, erected through the studio windows and approved by a structural engineer, to access the balustrade/roof area. BUSS completed remedial repairs, which included concrete repair, cleaning of the steel reinforcement to remove corrosion, application of a corrosion inhibiting coating, reinstatement of the balustrade capping with repair mortar and coating with a UV/weather tolerant coating.

Image 2. Extensive concrete deterioration

Fig 2: Extensive concrete deterioation

Image 3. Repairs completed to balustrade

Fig 3: Repairs completed to the balustrade



Nathan Tan

    • The repairs were conducted on a heritage fabric, with the balustrades and corbling requiring intricate detailing;
    • Utilisiation of a custom designed scaffolding system for access provided uninterrupted movement to pedestrian traffic below; and
    • The works were completed on schedule and to budget


92 Barrack Street, Perth


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