PROJECT – Acacia Prison

Expansion & Silicon Joint Sealing & Concrete Repairs


Doric Construction Group on behalf of the Department of Corrective Services


Marc Cugini


Acacia Prison is one of two privately managed prisons in Western Australia, owned by the Department of Corrective Services.  The prison is located in Wooroloo, on the outer fringe of the Perth metropolitan area. The nature of the high-security facility required an exceptional standard of work along with stringent safety and operational conditions.

The majority of the work conducted comprised of linear joint sealing, with various expansion joints and concrete repair measures. The application of expansion joint sealing covered the new construction of 5 new housing blocks, inclusive of 396 cells. The application process comprised of approximately 20 linear kilometres over the 8-month project. Each cell was catered to specific requirements ensuring the sealing was unable to modify, picked at or altered in any way.


  • High-security site required extensive police and security clearances
  • Sealing included 396 cells across 5 new housing blocks
  • Total application of 20 linear kilometres over 8 months