PROJECT – Bankwest Vault CBD

Waterproofing and Joint Sealing
Installation of Sika Combiflex System

Perth CBD, Western Australia

Bankwest / Commonwealth Banks

Amaury Desjardins


BUSS was contracted to resolve water ingress issues at the Bankwest safety deposit vault. It was determined that in the event of a fire, there was a risk that water from the fire suppressant sprinkler systems could enter through both the floor and wall joints. These joints are located at the base of the vault and damage some of the valuable items contained within. The BUSS engineers and specialist applicators developed and applied a waterproofing strategy that was based on the installation of Sika Combiflex.

Combiflex is a high-performance joint and crack sealing system for construction joints, expansion (movement) joints, connection joints or cracks. This system consists of a combination of flexible waterproofing tape secured with Sikadur epoxy adhesives. The arrangement resolved both the waterproofing and joint sealing requirements for the interface between the floor and wall. By eliminating this issue, BUSS was able to protect yet another Perth Asset while successfully completing all waterproofing and joint sealing of this project without any interruption to vault operations or bank procedures. BUSS provided staff with police clearances to work in this high-security location. 

To allow seamless operations by bank staff to continue, BUSS successfully completed all waterproofing and joint sealing of this project without any interruption to vault operations or bank procedures. BUSS undertook portions of the work outside of work hours to minimise exposure to odours, dust, noise or vibrations. The BUSS waterproofing proposal provided a safe, robust and permanent solution for Bankwest, ending any risks associated with future leaks.


  • Sika Combiflex Waterproofing
  • Sika Pro Joint Sealant
  • Parchem Hypalon Waterproofing


  • Safe execution throughout the project.
  • Installed a custom-made waterproofing system within a secure location.
  • All work executed without interruptions to bank operations.