PROJECT – Belmont Forum Redevelopment

Expansion Joint Sealing, Concrete Repair and Waterproofing

Perth, Western Australia


Perkins Builder


Tiernan Byrnes


Belmont Forum is currently undergoing a $65M redevelopment which includes the construction of a new Coles supermarket and an alfresco dining precinct.
Perkins Builders, in conjunction with designers BUCHAN Group and suppliers MISKA specified the installation of the MIKSA METASEAL flexible expansion joint sealing system. This joint sealing system is designed to provide waterproofing for the entire car park. The project required the expansion joints to be fitted along 150 linear metres which could only be undertaken by approved contractors such as BUSS.  The specified material applied was Miska Zealseal which is a pre-formed, low-density, closed cell, cross-linked, nitrogen blown polyethylene material. Zealseal provides a flexible joint seal that is waterproof and chemical resistant, so well suited to the car park environment.

The main list of works included the following;

  • Concrete cutting the joint to fit the new customised expansion joints,
  • Concrete repair as required,
  • Joint preparation,
  • Cutting, breaking out and edging for Miska Zealseal 70Wx50D,
  • Grinding of the surface to provide a key,
  • Bevel the top of the breakout,
  • Install the ZealSeal using proprietary Zealbond epoxy glue,  installed 3mm below finished surface and
  • Cleaning using Zeal cleaner.

BUSS installed the ZealSeal in a limited time frame that allowed practical completion to be achieved by Perkins Builders with the car park operational in conjunction with the program.


  • ZealSeal ZS70
  • Zealbond and Zealcrete LV
  • Zealprimer & Zealcleaner


  • Completed the specialised and niche application of miska joints for all expansion joints.
  • All work was completed on time allowing practical completion through extensive after-hour operations.
  • Minimal disruption and damage were undertaken during the application which required only basic concrete repairs.