PROJECT – Churchlands Senior Highschool

Perth, Western Australia

Precision Grouting


Mills and Hassall / PS Structures


Marc Cugini


The project at Churchlands SHS was developed after the State Government announced a further $40 million would be invested in the school to provide new facilities to boost its capacity to provide for extra students from 2018. This specific project involved the construction and ongoing amendments to new classrooms and teaching precincts. BUSS was employed to primarily undertake all precision grouting works and essentially box up all formwork around the site. BUSS systematically repaired any inconsistencies and flaws in the construction phases to allow for structurally sound and flawless finishes to the new classroom facilities.

During construction, there was evidence of a void between the steel fixing plates and the concrete panels, which was able to be filled though precision grouting applications, adapted to fit the requirements. This work included hard to reach places in corners and at heights, often an elevated working platform (EWP) was required.

With such significant construction across a very limited zone, there were extreme restraints on practical working space, forcing contractors to be very spatially aware and efficient. Due to these constraints, there was multiple tight angles and confined spaces, where the use of the EWP was difficult and in some areas as possible. Navigating around access issue demonstrated at a significant hurdle when it comes to precision work. Booms were heavily restricted in access points with continuous earthworks and plumbing being undertaken simultaneously.

The nature of the site was not only spatially limited but presented with regularly uneven slopes, further creating access issue with the EWP and together with the tight angles and limited spatial awareness. Throughout the site, there were multiple trenches which flagged safety concerns and forced even greater attention to detail.  Safety on site and surrounding took particular precedence in this project as it was undertaken during school hours with therefore awareness of Churchlands’ student activity was paramount.


  • Sika ® Grout 212HP a blend of Portland cement, enabling it to achieve high strengths in short times. SikaGrout-212 HP suitable for grouting fixing bolts or anchors in the most demanding of circumstances.


  • Elevated Working Platform under demanding spatial restrictions
  • Works completed during school hours forcing flexibility and prioritising student safety