Collier Park Water Tank Repairs

Concrete Repairs

Shire of Mundaring

Swan View, WA

1 Water tank at Collier Park


In late 2019, BUSS completed concrete repair works to three concrete water tanks in the Shire of Mundaring – Sawyers Valley, Salisbury Park and Darlington Oval. In January 2020, following on from the successful completion of the previous works, the Shire retained BUSS’ services once again to complete concrete repair works to the water tank located at Collier Park in Swan View. This water tank was leaking due to multiple cracks and spalling of the concrete.

The Shire arranged for the tank to be drained and BUSS’ team mobilised to site to complete the repairs once the tank had been emptied. The repairs were completed using a specialised system of repair mortars and products that comprised of impregnating crystalline technology which works to impede the passage of water and therefore prolong the serviceable life of the structure.

2 Concrete spalling at base of tank

Fig 2: Concrete spalling at base of tank

3 Defective concrete

Fig 3: Defective concrete



Nathan Tan

  • BUSS completed concrete repair works to four of the Shire’s water tanks
  • Works included repairs to multiple areas of the tank
  • Works were completed on schedule and to budget.


Collier Park, Swan View WA


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