Council House

Facade Remediation

27 St Georges Terrace, Perth
City of Perth

1. Council House front facade


Council House is a 13-storey office building located on St Georges Terrace in Perth’s central business district and has served as the headquarters for the City of Perth Council for most of its’ history. Opened in March 1963 by The Queen, the 49.8 metre building, regarded as one of the best examples of modernist architecture in Perth, is situated beside Stirling Gardens and Government House. A distinctive part of the Perth City skyline, Council House is considered one of the City’s most attractive night time landmarks due to it being illuminated in technicolour lights on a regular basis.

In late 2019, the City of Perth awarded BUSS Group the contract to complete maintenance and repairs to the facade’s ‘T’ elements. The work scope included the following:

  • Pressure clean the T elements;
  • Remove loose or flaking waterproofing membrane
  • Refurbish the waterproofing membrane on top of the hoods
  • As required, extend the outlet pipes to be proud of the hood soffits
  • Reseal the joints at the fin connection interfaces and install larger joint rebate with a suitable flexible sealant
  • Reseal vertical joints on the front face of the hoods
  • Remove and replace all missing, damaged or chipped tiles
  • Make good all tiles at the top edge of the hood to ensure they are flush with the finished surface
  • Grout injection around fixings of “drummy” T’s
  • Concrete repairs at all identified locations.
2. Facade T elements
Figure 1: Facade T elements
3. All works completed via swing stage
Figure 2: All works completed via swing stage



Graham Murphy

  • All works completed via swing stage
  • Works completed to schedule and budget
  • Building remainded fully occupied during the works


Council House: 27 St Georges Terrace, Perth


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