PROJECT – DAFWA Theatrette Roof Remediation

Remedial Waterproofing Project


Department of Agriculture and Food of Western Australia (DAFWA)


Amaury Desjardins


BUSS undertook the removal and replacement of the failing waterproofing membrane which was contaminated asbestos at DAFWA. BUSS engaged a specialised and licensed asbestos contractor for removal. Asbestos removal was monitored and controlled by an Environmental Hygienist to ensure the most stringent OH&S requirements were achieved. Following certification of asbestos removal, new surface screed was installed to achieve specified drainage falls on the roof.

The Ardex Butynol waterproofing membrane system was installed with a supplier backed warranty of 15 years. To facilitate key work of this project, the BUSS Project Management team coordinated multiple sub-contractors to execute the ancillary scope including electrical work, scaffolding, mechanical contracting and plumbing.

In addition to the membrane system, BUSS installed a new stormwater drainage system to efficiently move stormwater away from the building. BUSS also designed and installed new roof anchor points so that future works could be executed safely.


  • Ardex Butynol
  • Roof Safe Anchor Point System


  • Asbestos removal within strict safety parameters
  • Butynol membrane application
  • New roof safe system