PROJECT – Dalgaranga Mine Site

Joint Sealing – Concrete Expansion Joint Sealing Project

Western Australia


Nino Constructions


Marc Cugini


Dalgaranga is located 75 kilometres west of Mount Magnet in Western Australia,  predominantly known for its gold deposits and mining activities. Dalgaranga is also home to Australia’s smallest impact meteorite crater, which has a diameter of 24 metres and is 3 metres deep.

This project involved the development of existing and the construction of new mining facilities. The construction required extensive concrete expansion joint sealing, which was completed significantly ahead of schedule across 3 days with a 2 man team. The expansion joint sealing laid the foundations for the tank/workshop slab. The remoteness required a team to mobilise to the regional site by driving the 7 hours to site.

The nature of the site being remote, with regional outback conditions produced an abundance of red dust. This created complications which forced continual cleaning of the substrate to be critical, ensuring the integrity of the adhesive and the application. Further environmental influences included exposure to direct sunlight which impacted application processes, forcing the applicator to implement adaptive problem-solving methods.

The Dalgaranga Mine Site is currently non-functioning with future construction stages staggered. With further expansion intended, there are return visits by BUSS scheduled. With the combination of extreme environmental conditions and complex construction, scheduling highlighted, completing works well within the allocated time frame allowed all operations to be optimised for efficiency and expense purposes.


  • Sika


  • Finished early, well within the allocated time slot.
  • Working within a cohesive construction timeline to maintain project flow.
  • The regional location required the team to drive onto the site.
  • Extreme environmental conditions – direct sunlight and an abundance of dust.