PROJECT – Gosnells Leisure World

Remedial Repair and Replacement of Swimming Pool Expansion Joints
Perth, Western Australia


City of Gosnells


Amaury Desjardins


BUSS is now involved in the annual maintenance program of the leisure centre that is undertaken during the Winter low season, where the pool can be emptied with the least disruption to centre operations. Maintenance requires the complete shutdown and draining of the pools, to replace the failed expansion joints including; inside the pool, its surrounding edges/trim/gutters, the surrounding pavement and the concrete underneath. 

Due to annual wear and tear of the pool, a series of failed joints had led to water getting under the tiles resulting in loose and cracked tiles with sharp edges. BUSS removed and repaired all combiflex and silicon joints with specific chemical resistance sealants underneath and throughout. All expansion joints in the main and children’s pool were removed and replaced.


  • Sikadur 31
  • Sikasil Pool
  • SikaPrimer 3N


  • Quick turnaround with extensive problem solving
  • Involvement in annual maintenance shutdowns
  • Complex service requires adaptive and specialised techniques