PROJECT – Hale School Shower Repairs, Wembley Downs

Perth, Western Australia

Waterproofing and Shower Repairs 


Hale School, Wembley Downs


Marc Cugini


The ongoing project at Hale School Senior Boarding Facility involves extensive shower repairs as part of their scheduled remedial maintenance program. Work is undertaken each term break with the 10 most worn cubicles being selected for repair. The repairs involve removing all failing grout and are replaced with epoxy grout, with all wall and floor joins being sealed with silicon. By undergoing this maintenance every season, it is preventing the possibility of more significant damage and costing that would occur if not undertaken.

The Hale School Shower Repairs require the application to be approached with caution, as to not damage any existing tiles when removing failed grout. Any critical damage can compromise the integrity of the waterproofing membrane. Due to the nature of the facilities, the timeframe allocated to maintenance is extremely tight and non-negotiable, with work generally taking a week to complete. This ongoing project consistently highlights BUSS’s commitment to Protect Perth Schools and reiterates the importance of remedial maintenance for a more cost-effective and sustainable solution. Ensuring that remedial maintenance is undertaken, decreases the risk of any long-term, significant damages and costs to occur. 


  • Davco Rejuvenation Grout


  • Strengthening relationships with a prestige member of the Private School Association  (PSA)
  • Alternating 10 shower cubicles per term break