PROJECT – Kingsley Lakeside Village

Perth, Western Australia

Concrete Repair, Crack Injection and Structural Strengthening


Kingsley Lakeside Village


Seaton Cugini


This project involved the restorations and repairs of the cracked pathways and its failed joints at Kingsley Lakeside Village. This facility is 18 years old and was in need of its required maintenance program implementation. This pathway connected 20 units of residents on the first floor to the main recreation area. The damage caused continual access issues to residents as potential tripping hazards and uneven surfaces. In summary, identified all existing cracks, proceeded to grind all cracks out, initiate the crack injection before finally grinding the epoxy smooth. This process is fundamental in concrete and facility maintenance.

Due to the nature of the building and the requirements of the resident’s safety was paramount. The aim was to eliminate any safety hazards and return the pathway to its original aesthetics. Through remediating the cracks, there is also a significant decrease in the likelihood of concrete cancer occurring, which when subject to heavy rainfall was unprotected to pooling water. This pooling created the potential for water to enter the existing cracks and begin the early stages of concrete cancer. By completing this scheduled maintenance, it prevents potential extreme costs in both structurally and financially. This project was deemed essential to avoid further damage to ground floor below with structural concerns, concrete cancer and water ingress.

This site had mandatory noise and dust restrictions that were to be upheld 8 am due to its close proximity and constant interference with residents. Work areas were required to be clean and clear at all times, accompanied with substantial signage and barricades as supreme safety precautions. Maintaining the high trafficable pathway as a safe working site is essential for the safety of its regular users. Maintaining the comfort and wellbeing of the Kingsley Lakeside residents was of the highest priority.

Additional work on this project included the remediation to the existing drain on the ramp which needed to be ground down to be the lower point and fulfil its function, they were coated with anti-slip top sealants. The existing drainage was forcing water to pool incorrectly at the entrance of resident’s gates. There were significant design faults which were taken into account throughout the project which highlighted the need for attention to detail but also forcing adaptability when conducting the repairs.


  • Parchem Nitomortar AP – Used for fast and permanent patching repairs to concrete structures and repair work to cementitious substrates where strength and resistance to aggressive chemicals are essential.


  • Required extensive attention to detail
  • Completed on time