PROJECT – 58 – 60 Mill Point Road, South Perth

Balcony Repairs and Ceiling Repairs
Perth, Western Australia


Owners of 58 – 60 Mill Point Road, South Perth


Amaury Desjardins


The Mill Point Road apartment block in South Perth recognised ongoing issues with their waterproofing when the ceiling and cornices were becoming damaged from the water ingress from the balconies above.

The project included a total of 17 units, each with three balconies which required waterproofing repairs and resealing. 

BUSS determined that both penthouse apartments in the complex were experiencing water leaking within the unit and presented with extensive damage to the ceiling.
In order to fix this issue, BUSS actioned the following:

  • The complete removal of all tiles,
  • Application of a new reinforcing waterproofing membrane to seal all the floor to wall joints,
  • The replacement of all tiles on top of the new waterproofing membrane.

BUSS also modified the drainage system of the penthouse roofs to improve water evacuation preventing the likelihood of reoccurrence.

The remaining units also presented with damaged ceilings and cornices that needed replacements which matched the existing. These were patched, sanded and painted to the client’s satisfaction. As individual units had specific requirements there was a challenge coordinating between various tenants in gaining access their unit and balcony area.

The main task required across the majority of balconies was to cut the existing failed joints along the perimeter and then reseal with a new, flexible poly sealant. Additionally, BUSS modified the drainage systems across all units, which were continually blocked with leaves and dirt. BUSS opened up the drainage and used an aluminium U channel drain to make it more effective. Each balcony had three drains installed since this modifcation there has been no leaking present.


  • Sikaflex Pro is a fast curing polyurethane sealant and adhesive with permanent elasticity. As an elastic adhesive, it is ideal for assembling metal framed buildings, acoustic ceiling tiles and window and door frames. As an elastic joint sealant, it is ideal for Sealing joints in concrete, epoxy, stone and quarry tiled floors as well as sealing joints in roofing and guttering. The flexibility of this product made it the perfect choice for BUSS on this project.
  • Aluminium U Channel


  • Consistent coordination and communication with tenants
  • Project completed incident and injury free.
  • Matching existing tiles and design with the appropriate slope requirements.