PROJECT – Mulberry Tree Childcare & Kindy Wembley Downs


Perth, Western Australia

Installation of a new waterproofing membrane on upper deck play area.


Mulberry Tree Childcare & Kindy Wembley Downs


Marc Cugini / Tiernan Byrnes / Amaury Desjardins


Mulberry Tree Day Care & Kindy Wembley Downs exists as a modern, purpose built, two storey centre with four large activity rooms. The facility was experiencing continual water ingress issues in a concrete slab that leaked onto the play area below. BUSS attended site and liaised with the maintenance team to develop a solution that could provide a long-term waterproofing solution.

BUSS provided a scope of work

Firstly there was the removal of existing artificial turf followed by fully grinding the concrete slab to remove the artificial turf glue and the old failed membrane and washed with high pressure to ensure a clean finish. BUSS then installed a new multi-layer waterproofing membrane system of Sikalastic-560.  Sikalastic-560 is a liquid applied, highly elastic and UV-resistant waterproofing membrane. It’s designed for use in wet areas so is ideal for this work on the second story deck. This product properties demonstrated both UV and weathering resistance and are non-toxic, further accommodating the needs of the childcare facility.

The waterproofing system itself consisted of a primer, followed by two layers of the polyurethane membrane which were separated and reinforced by 120 fleece sheets. Finishing with a final layer of polyurethane membrane as the top coat.

Sika Pro was then used to seal the edges and finishes. A total of 100m2  of waterproofing membrane was completed over a single weekend.


  • Sikalastic-560
  • Sika Pro Polyurethane


  • The total works completed by BUSS were accomplished in a single weekend.
  • There was no interruptions to the Childcare & Kindy facilities at all.
  • Waterproofing work was inclusive of the entire decking membrane and the drains.