PROJECT – NorthLink WA

Perth, Western Australia

Epoxy Crack Injection and Structural Strengthening


John Holland


Marc Cugini

North Link WA is a long-term project to accommodate Perth’s expanding traffic volumes associated with a future Perth population predicted to reach 3.5 million. The project consists of a Tonkin highway upgraded to freeway standard between Collier Road and Reid Highway, and a new 37 km highway will be built between Tonkin Highway / Reid Highway and Muchea. Construction began in 2016 and is estimated to be at completion in 2019. Working in such a highly trafficable area on Tonkin Highway as well as a very populated work site. There was the utmost priority in health and safety procedures on site.

The works completed by BUSS were specifically at the West Roundabout at the corner of Morley Drive and Tonkin Highway. The general scope of the work consisted mainly by injecting the crack throughout the concrete panels with Parchem Nitofill LV, installing appropriated ports, inject repair resins before grinding surface clean after crack had been repaired.

The crack location and severity were determined by an engineer reports where thorough out the construction site and panels presented with multiple crack damage. The cracks are generally caused by movement in the concrete. These panels are not designed to be flexible and whenever there is movement, it runs the risk of potentially cracking. BUSS worked across multiple visits in order to undertake the crack injection into the damaged concrete.

It is a privilege to be able to contribute to Western Australia’s developing Northlink infrastructure project alongside John Holland.


  • Parchem Nitofill LV is a crack injection system incorporates a two-part epoxy base and hardener contained in a dual cartridge pack.


  • Working alongside such a highly respected client in John Holland
  • Contributing to a Major Government Infrastructure
  • Maintaining the highest quality of occupational health and safety requirements