11A Packenham Street

Roof Waterproofing – Sarnafil

Andrew T, Boyne Architect

Repairs completed safety hazards eliminated


This newly constructed residential property, situated amongst bushland but at a riverside location in Mount
Lawley, is the private residence of Andrew T. Boyne, Architect. The owner of the property engaged BUSS to supply and install a specialised waterproofing system, Sika Sarnafil, to the steep pitched roof of the building.

BUSS’ specially trained and registered applicators, for application of the Sika Sarnafil system, mobilised to site during the construction phase of the build to complete surface preparation and installation. During installation, all joins, internal/external corners and overlaps were welded to provide extra durability and a smooth finish. BUSS’ specialist team completed the application of the waterproofing system prior to the installation of the skylights and the solar panels, thus ensuring a seamless finish to the roof structure.

Building under construction
Figure 1: Building under construction.
works completion seamless finish to rooftop and roof pitch
Figure 2: works completion seamless finish to rooftop and roof pitch.



Clayton Webb


Sika Sanafil

    • Client provided the following written reference:

    “The job has been handled by Nathan and Julito. Both have been very good to deal with. The roof has been installed by Clayton and Dylan. They have been very calm and competent in their installation. The work is of a high quality, and was achieved with a steep slope that made installation difficult. I am very pleased that they have been able to work on my job, and I appreciate their efforts. Based on my experiences engaging with BUSS, I will happily recommend the company in the future, and will include them as preferred installers for my work going forward.” – Andrew T Boyne, Architect


11A Packenham Street, Mount Lawley


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