PROJECT – Public Transport Centre (PTC)

Perth, Western Australia

Concrete Repair, Crack Injection and Diagnostic Inspections


Public Transport Authority (PTA)


Tiernan Byrnes


BUSS was engaged by the Public Transport Authority to conduct inspections and testing of on the roof of the tunnel area to their facility in East Perth.  The tunnel had presented with historical evidence of water ingress and damage in the form of stalactites and rust staining to the soffit.

BUSS developed a report to summarise the condition of the roof based on visual inspections which were complemented by specific tests carried out by the Structural Engineer. Additional core samples and tests were executed to determine chloride content and the depth of carbonation through an accredited NATA laboratory.

BUSS undertook a full break out at the location of the damage in addition to core sampling and through the findings of laboratory testing, confirmed the condition and structural integrity of the concrete.

The Public Transport Centre further employed BUSS to undertake an inspection of the existing stormwater lines to confirm the location and extent of blockages. BUSS resolved the issue through the use of high-pressure cleaning and backwashing.


  • Parchem HB40 – A concrete reinstatement mortar is supplied as a ready to use blend of dry powders requiring only the site addition of clean water to produce a highly consistent, medium-weight repair mortar. It is based on Portland cement, graded aggregates, lightweight fillers and chemical additives which provide a mortar with good handling characteristics while minimising water demand. The low water requirement ensures good strength gain and long-term durability.
  • Parchem NitoFill LV – is a low viscosity, epoxy crack-injection system which incorporates a two-part epoxy base and hardener contained in a dual cartridge pack.


  • All work was completed without any interruption to site operations.
  • A long-term water ingress issue was resolved.
  • Specialist drain cleaning system used.