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What is Crack Stitching?

Cracks frequently occur in masonry structures when there is differential settlement of the structure, resulting in concentrated forces at a given location. Crack stitching and repair provides a permanent solution for masonry repairs and cracked wall reinforcement.

The result, from all the causes listed below, is that the bricks and/or mortar in this location fails resulting in an unsightly and structurally unsound crack.


Did you know that currently remedial repairs are unregulated in WA? How do you know who to trust? Read more...

When is crack stitching needed?

The Soils/Foundations

Once the foundations begin to crack, crack stitching is often required.

Cyclical Wet and Dry

When there are both wet and dry occurrences in concrete can lead to crack stitching.

Environmental Conditions

This rise and fall in temperature of hot and cold can lead to the need for crack stitching repairs.

crack stitching remediation

HOW CAN BUSS HELP? Steps to crack stitching.

The BUSS team has over 20 years’ experience in the remedial repair industry. Crack stitching is a common problem that the BUSS team encounter on site. BUSS repair masonry structures by repairing the crack and then stabilized using the installation of stainless-steel bars into the fabric of the building in this location. The existing mortar is removed and the high tensile strength structural stainless steel is then embedded and fixed into position using a high strength grout. The new structural steel then spans across cracks in walls to reconnect and strengthen masonry.
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