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What is Crack Stitching?

Crack stitching is a method of repair for cracked walls which ensures the stabilisation of the structure.  It is a resilient repair solution which involves retrofitting a quantity of stainless-steel stitching bars grouted into the bed joint, overlapping the wall cracks to reconnect them and provide stability.  This method of repair provides a permanent solution for masonry cracks and cracked wall reinforcement with minimum disruption.

When is crack stitching needed?

Depending upon the size and depth, crack stitching is used once signs of cracking appears in a structure; the cracks may be horizontal, stepped or a combination of both.  Once the cracks appear on the external wall(s), the cause of the cracking must be determined and the repairs completed to reinforce the structure and to prevent further damage.

Does crack stitching work?

Yes, this method of repair is very successful and provides a permanent solution for cracks and cracked wall reinforcement. It is a very resilient and cost-effective method of repair.

What are the benefits of crack stitching?

The benefits include:

  • Strong and permanent repair solution;
  • Concealed when installed;
  • Rapid installation, with minimal disruption;
  • Reduces the likelihood of further cracking nearby;
  • Provides flexibility to the mortar; and
  • Versatile application – designed for the job.


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    What are the common causes of cracking to a structure?


    Differential settlement transpires when portions of a supporting foundation subside as a result of weak or improperly compacted foundation soil.


    Due to drying shrinkage, fluctuations in temperature and carbonation.  The cracks occur when the masonry panels are restrained from movement.

    Structural Overload

    Wall systems are exposed to potential cracking from externally applied design loads caused by wind, seismic forces and soil pressure.

    Differential Movement

    Various types of building materials react differently to changes in temperature, moisture and structural loading and any time materials with different properties are combined in a wall system, the potential exists for cracking to occur due to differential movement.

    Excessive Deflection

    As the walls and beams of a structure deflect under structural loads, cracking could occur.  Also, deflection of the supporting members can induce cracks in the masonry elements of the structure.

    Evacuation/Construction Works Nearby

    The use of heavy machinery, excessive mechanical compaction of soil, vibration or blasting can cause cracks that require early attention before they become a more complex and costly problem.

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    Professional repairs can have a disproportionate impact on asset value and therefore it’s important to select a capable contractor to complete the repairs.  Drawing on our experience and industry best practice, BUSS’ team have been servicing our clients in the commercial, industrial, residential, mining and resources market for more than 20 years.  Our specialist remedial team have been applying their expertise in completing condition assessments, creating action plans to remediate issues, developing repair methodologies, providing product recommendations and undertaking repairs via trusted techniques to eradicate underlying problems and renew assets to their desired state.

    Our proven track record in effective remedial solutions and quality workmanship, supported by our affiliation with leading industry organisations – Australian Institute of Waterproofing, the Australasian Concrete Repair Association and the Strata Community Association, along with our Cert III accredited applicators, offer our clients peace of mind for all their remedial repairs.  Our association with these leading organisations allows us the advantage of being one of the most qualified, trusted and reputable remedial contractors in WA.

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