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Heritage and Architectural Repairs

In an ever-changing world, the preservation of heritage buildings/structures is very important in providing a sense of identity and continuity for future generations.  Heritage buildings/structures represent the past history and culture of our nation; they are physical links to our past and contribute to our cultural and economic well-being.

When are heritage and architectural repairs needed?

The original construction materials of heritage buildings/structures are subject to a natural process of degradation over time, which is accelerated by chemical, physical and biological events. When these defects go unattended, the building/structure is left with extensive and unavoidable damage to its’ fabric.  Consequently, modest spending on regular repairs will reduce the potential for costly repairs in the future, protect the fabric of the building and save money in the long term.
The repairs themselves must be completed in such a way so as to ensure that the life of the building/structure is extended and remains in keeping with its original structure, historic character and features.


Did you know that currently remedial repairs are is unregulated in WA? How do you know who to trust? Read more...

What’s involved in heritage repairs?

All repairs completed on heritage buildings/structures must involve:


     Experienced structural engineers

Architects and Suppliers

        Heritage architects and suppliers of Australian heritage restoration products.


        Close consultation and collaboration with the owners of the property


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Why choose Buss for your heritage and architectural repair needs?

Buss offer an experienced heritage repair team that have the required skill, patience, attention to detail and understanding of the complex balance needed during the execution of heritage repair works.  We ensure that all repairs to buildings of special historic or architectural interest match in appearance to the rest of the structure in terms of colour, texture and finish to achieve sympathetic refurbishment; whilst remaining complaint with relevant laws and requirements.

As the trend of repurposing old spaces for offices, apartments, and other commercial space continues, there’s a need for a specific area of building maintenance to keep these older buildings looking pristine. Whether the space is in an old structure or a more modern building, Buss’ skilled heritage repair team can take years of wear and tear off your property.  We will:

  • Repair surviving structural members and systems; supplementing or replacing only the unsound material.
  • Avoid repairs which are stronger than the existing fabric and those that may lead to differential stress cracking.
  • Clean masonry surfaces, using gentle methods, to remove harmful substances and/or to reveal deterioration.

Ensure that repair materials match the old fabric as near as possible in colour, grain, bedding, durability and chemical composition.

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