Concrete Lintel Repairs

What are Lintels?

Lintels are large horizontal load bearing structures used in buildings as a type of structural support providing additional strength at weaker points – spanning openings between two vertical supports.  They are installed horizontally above openings such as windows, doors and portals to provide support for the load of the structure above.  One of the most serious and common structural issues that can affect a structure is lintel failure.

What causes lintel failure?

The most common cause of lintel failure are faults with the lintel, such as corrosion of the steel.  However, lintels may also crack or blow out due to other structural problems such as wall and/or foundation movement.

When is lintel replacement and repair necessary?

One of the most common, yet serious, structural problems that can affect a building is a lintel failure.  The clearest indication of lintel failure is the appearance of vertical cracks in the surrounding area.  The vertical cracks will appear diagonally up and down from the top corners of the windows or doorways and should not extend beyond the width of the windows/doors.  The lintels will bow downward when they fail, forcing the brickwork up and inwards, resulting in cracks and bulging masonry; it’s very important to establish the root cause of any cracks to walls or above windows or doors.

When cracks appear above doors or windows, you must check for evidence of damage to the lintel and have it repaired immediately.  Immediate lintel replacement or repair will cost less than if the repairs are left allowing for more structural problems.


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    More about when lintel replacement or repairs are necessary

    Lintels can be made of concrete, metal, brick or timber and provide the additional strength required at weaker points of a structure.  However, if installed incorrectly, or become damaged, they will fail thus requiring immediate lintel replacement and repair.

    Concrete Lintels

    If there is evidence of a horizontal crack in a concrete lintel the crack needs to be addressed.  Water will penetrate the crack and cause the steel reinforcement inside to rust and the expansion of the rust will cause the concrete to spall.

    Metal Lintels

    Over time metal lintels, including those of steel, will corrode to some extent.  The corrosion will expand causing the render to crack and the crack will need to be repaired immediately so as to protect the lintel from further damage.

    Timber Lintels

    Timber lintels are found in primarily older buildings and they are at risk from wood rot (wet and dry) and pests which will lead to the lintels failing and compromising the structure’s integrity.

    What’s involved in lintel replacement and repair?

    Lintel repairs are significant structural restorations that prevent the potential collapse of a building.  Modern lintel repair methods are efficient and straightforward and can be completed with little disruption.  The majority of lintel repairs use pinning ties and joint reinforcement techniques; resin injection systems also help to restore the structural integrity of a building without damaging the façade.  When the repairs are completed in a timely manner, there’s no need to rebuild or replace the existing lintel.

    lintel repair


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    BUSS is your ‘go to’ contractor for all your lintel replacement and repair needs in Perth and the metro area, as well as Regional WA.  For more information, please feel free to contact us below, or call us on 08 9444 1732.

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