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What is mortar repair? 

The term Mortar refers to a type of material used (such as a mixture of lime, cement, plaster with sand and water) that consequently hardens and is used to secure a structure in a masonry or plastering capacity. However, like with all repairs, if done incorrectly, can cause significant damage.

One of the causes of fretting bricks is due to salt contamination, sometimes water has a high salt content which attacks the brickwork, causing them to deteriorate over time.  If the cement content in the mortar mix is low then the mortar starts to wear down over time and the bricks can become loose, causing a cascade of the surrounding bricks to also loosen and the integrity of the wall becomes an issue. If the wall has developed cracks then the cracks could be repaired by replacing the cracked bricks with new bricks or by stitching the wall in place.


Did you know that currently remedial repairs are unregulated in WA? How do you know who to trust? Read more...

What are the main causes of Mortar defects?

Some of the main causes of mortar defects are:

Poor wormanship

When there is an incorrect mixing ratio of products and poor workmanship on the initial mortar application, defects can become evident.

Structure Movement

If there is structural movement, then there is a higher chance of mortar becoming cracked and losing its ability to bind/secure a building together.

Exposure to harsh environment

Sulphate attacks, overexposure to moisture and thermal are all causes of failing mortar. Coastal areas, that are exposed to salts/sulphates can be particularly vulnerable.

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The type of repairs completed by the BUSS team will depend on the cause of the concrete cancer. If the concrete cancer is caused from chloride contamination, then the repair process can become more complex and will more than likely involve highly specialised concrete repair solutions such as cathodic protection.

BUSS is qualified and experienced in the proper and professional concrete repair technique that is critical to returning a building or asset to safe operating performance. Some form of structural repairs is required for all concrete structures over time. If evidence of cracking, drummy concrete, rust staining or concrete cancer is present then immediate repair becomes a necessity as further deterioration increases the likelihood of damage. If left un-abated then failure of the structure becomes an increasingly likely result.

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