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BUSS understand that your private residential property is your most important asset and therefore it makes sense to invest in its maintenance.  Keeping on top of maintenance and repairs to your home is the key to a healthy and safe home environment and will ensure that minor problems don’t become major expensive ones in the future.  Additionally, apart from the obvious cost-saving advantages, a well-maintained house will always increase the value of your property; this will be advantageous when it comes time to sell.  

Drawing on our experience and industry best practice, BUSS’ team have been servicing our clients in the commercial, industrial, private residential, mining and resources market for more than 20 years.  Our specialist remedial team have been applying their expertise in completing condition assessments, creating action plans to remediate issues, developing repair methodologies, providing product recommendations and undertaking repairs via trusted techniques to eradicate underlying problems and renew assets to their desired state for our clients.

Our proven track record in effective remedial solutions and quality workmanship, supported by our affiliation with leading industry organisations – Australian Institute of Waterproofing, the Australasian Concrete Repair Association and Strata Community Association, along with our Cert III accredited applicators, offer our clients peace of mind for all their remedial repairs.  Our association with these leading organisations allows us the advantage of being one of the most qualified, trusted and reputable remedial contractors in WA.

BUSS is your ‘go-to’ contractor for all your private residential property repairs in Perth and the metro area.  For more information, please feel free to contact us below, or call us on 08 9444 1732.

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Concrete Cancer

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Cracking Concrete

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Leaking Balcony

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Leaking Planter Boxes

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Structural Strengthening

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Roof Leaks

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How to Detect Water Leaks?

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Signs of Water Damage

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Where Leaks Come From

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Brick and Render Repairs

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Leaking Shower

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