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At BUSS, we understand that your home is your primary asset and that some maintenance requirements are beyond common understanding. Below we have addressed the common problems that we have encountered in most residential homes. For further information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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icon cancerconcrete

Concrete Cancer

icon crackedconcrete

Cracking Concrete

icon leaky balcony

Leaking Balcony

icon leaky planterbox

Leaking Planter Boxes

icon structural

Structural Strengthening

icon leakroof

Roof Leaks

icon waterwalls

How to Detect Water Leaks?

icon water damage

Signs of Water Damage

icon unknownleak

Where Leaks Come From

icon brick render

Brick and Render Repairs

icon leak shower

Leaking Shower

icon swimmingpool

Swimming Pool