PROJECT – Sage Hotel

Joint Sealing, Concrete Repair & Patching and Swing Stage Operation
New Build Construction


Cooper and Oxley


Marc Cugini


Located in the heart of West Perth is the Sage Hotel. Along with its modern conveniences, it remains a fundamental part of the heritage listed Walsh Family Residence from 1902. The Sage Hotel has been described as a bit of both old and new, wrapped up in a well serviced and comfortable setting. This project involved the new construction and the extension of the already existing building into the hotels’ popular restaurant Julio’s.

The unique aspect of the project was the widespread use of the swing stage. A swing stage consists of a two-point adjustable suspension scaffold, which was used instead of regular scaffolding systems and boom operators. The swing stage use can create a complex work environment due to its constant movement while in operation, which is intensified by the exposure to the elements, forcing the applicator to exercise extreme caution and skill.

The project involved numerous panel joint sealing, with each requiring fire rated sealants. All internal joint sealing was completed prior to the external operations. All external window sealing, concrete repair and concrete patching were again completed through the use of the swing stage. This project required a large fraction of the work to be conducted after hours and on the weekend spanning a total of 6 months.  The West Perth location established strong limitations with respect to noise levels and confining traffic conditions.

During the construction, there was a collection of different trades in simultaneous operations forcing impromptu problem solving and intense flexibility. Trades included but were not limited to; plasters, plumbers, electricians and bricklayers.


  • Extensive use of a Swing Stage
  • After Hours and Weekend Work
  • Significant West Australian Heritage Listed Site from 1902