PROJECT – Scarborough Beach Redevelopment

Expansion Joint Sealing and Concrete Patching
Perth, Western Australia


Georgiou Group


Marc Cugini


In 2015 the state government announced the redevelopment project transforming Scarborough Beach foreshore into one of Australia’s best beachfront and tourism hotspots. The Scarborough Redevelopment Works are currently underway with Georgiou Group being appointed as head contractor.  Scarborough is a major retail and hospitality precinct in Perth and with major construction development underway, the project demands intense organisation and planning to minimise disruption to these businesses as much as possible.

BUSS was contracted in June, and have worked throughout the beachfront redevelopment and also at the Scarborough Surf Club. The majority of this project involved the application of expansion joint sealing of the concrete panels. Due to the extreme size and nature of the redevelopment, the installation of polyurethane sealants into all expansion joints was made more complex due to the requirement of various colours, shape types, angles and a diverse range of lines. BUSS is currently working towards an estimated target of 30 000 linear metres of joint sealing. In particular, Fosroc Thioflex 600 has been utilised as a fuel resistant, multi-component, polysulphide joint sealant for a range of horizontal joints. When this two-part pourable liquid is mixed and applied it cures to form a tough, rubber-like seal, making it ideal for the high traffic and environmental conditions throughout the Scarborough Redevelopment.

As the Scarborough Redevelopments exists within a public space, the area is continually opened to the community. For this reason, the day to day construction works need to be scheduled with flexibly to accommodate the demand for the open area. This often involves working early and late hours to avoid peak times and decrease disturbances. With the deadline of summer approaching rapidly it is essential that the major works are completed before summer arrives and the public demand is substantially increased. The project is also further complicated by the continual running of buses and foot traffic, which results in frequent changes in sectioning off and diverting traffic to accommodate work. This adaptation is complex, forcing continual changes and demands flexibility. Adjusting to changes in traffic flow requires strict and efficient traffic management and organisation.  Staying on schedule is essential to avoid any bottlenecking and delays that can occur with such complex operations, alongside numerous other trades and development stages. To date, the swimming pool is now complete and the project is in its final stages of development, readily eyeing the deadline of summer.


  • Sika
  • Parchem – Thioflex 600


  • Scarborough Beach redevelopment demonstrates both social and economic importance.
  • Targeting a total of 30000 linear metres.
  • Working with intense precision and flexibility to ensure public safety and high-quality standard of work.